Caroline is a native of Maine and came to the library in 2017 with a degree in chemistry, more than a decade of customer service experience, and a love of all things bookish and library-related. When Diane Giese retired as head librarian at the end of 2020, Caroline was happy to take over leading the amazing team Diane built, because running the library for this wonderful community is her dream job. In her free time, she likes to say her hobby is finding new hobbies, and her current favorite is winning—ahem, playing board games with her husband, John. Contact her at cwardnesbit@thomastonmaine.gov.

MELISSA HARJULA, Assistant Head Librarian

Missy came to Thomaston Public Library first as a volunteer for our 40 Days of Summer program. These days, though she is still a key program leader during 40 Days of Summer, during the rest of the year she can most often be found at the circulation desk, helping patrons or checking on her donkeys at home via webcam. A native of Cushing, she now lives in Thomaston and loves her many animals. Contact her at mharjula@thomastonmaine.gov.


Blake has been with the library since 1998. While he has expertise in nearly every operation of TPL, his current specialty is cataloguing. Made in Maine and educated at University of Maine with a major in history, Blake lives in Thomaston with his lovely wife Alethé. Contact him at bdonaldson@thomastonmaine.gov.


Toby is a Thomaston native and has been a part of the TPL family since he was a counselor during the second year of 40 Days of Summer at the young age of 14. He has returned to 40 Days every summer since, as well as being part of the year-round library staff during his gap year between high school and college. He graduated from Keene State College in 2023 with a dual degree in education and history, and we have been beyond thrilled to have him back at the library to run not only 40 Days of Summer, but all of our youth programming. Contact him at tmergendahl@thomastonmaine.gov.


Caitlin is a native of Rockland, but went to high school at Georges Valley High in Thomaston. She studied journalism and creative writing in Quincy, Massachusetts and has self-published a novel. Armed with a love of books, she joins the library staff ready to recommend a read to anyone. Currently she prefers a night in with her husband, her dog, her family, and a load of homemade snacks. She has recently been accepted to the prestigious Stonecoast MFA in Creative Writing Program at the University of Southern Maine, which boasts such illustrious alumni, mentors, and faculty as Morgan Talty, Susan Conley, and Lily King. The TPL family is very excited and proud of her! Contact her at ctheroux@thomastonmaine.gov.



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