From time to time we think of great stuff we wish we had, or things that would be helpful for our patrons and have created this list. We are happy to include other items that would be appropriate for us to offer at the library so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have something you would like to have added and/or if you have something you wish to donate that is on the list. Some items are clearly substantial, others less grand but helpful. Thank you for your help.
Looking for help to operate Movies on the Green Saturday nights for 6-8 weeks from mid-July through August. Involves set-up and running a projector. Volunteers - 40 Days of Summer is fast approaching and the TPL is looking for volunteers for the 11 to 1:30 time frame, to help with Library staffing. Mop Sink - In preperation of the many fun activities this summer, the library is looking for a mop sink for indoor/outdoor use. DVD players- to be loaned out to patrons Loveseat - for downstairs reading area Game of Thrones seasons 2-5 on DVD Outlander season 1 on DVD We want your legos! Clear plastic water bottles