40 Days of Summer is an activities-and-lunch program for school-aged children from Thomaston and surrounding communities. Conceived by a group of volunteers in 2014, the program was begun to address the lack of a summer food program for the school children of Thomaston and surrounding communities. Because of the percentage of children receiving free or reduced lunches we are able to take advantage of the Federal Summer Lunch program.  In an effort to make this more than a “bag lunch” pick-up, an activities program was added, and the program is open to all children in the community regardless of household income level. 

40 Days of Summer 2021 Starts June 21!

Stay tuned for more details!

40 Days of Summer 2020 

While the program will look a little different than in previous years, we are delighted to continue to provide free activities and lunch (and breakfast if requested) to children in Thomaston in the surrounding communities. 

From 11 AM to 1 PM, Monday through Friday, from July 1 to August 28, we will have free take-home projects and take-out meals available for pick up for any child in Thomaston or the surrounding communities. There are no income requirements or restrictions. With many thanks to a partnership with Healthy Lincoln County, these breakfasts and lunches will be tasty and nourishing and will include such items as chicken Caesar salads, turkey BLT wraps, deconstructed fajitas, yogurt parfaits, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fresh fruit and locally sourced veggies and dips. If your child has a food allergy, particularly a peanut allergy, email us at so that we can inquire with our kitchen about allergy accommodations. A parent or guardian can pick up one lunch and/or breakfast per child living in their household. Participation in the take-home project is also not required to pick up a meal, and vice versa. 

Take-home projects are designed for school-age children and their families, and will bring our beloved 40 Days of Summer program into their homes! Projects will include art activities, science experiments, a scavenger hunt, games, slime, and lots more. We will also be doing virtual programs on Zoom and a private Facebook group (group membership and posts must be approved by a group admin) for kids to share the results of their projects, play games, and connect with each other and our 40 Days staff in a safe, socially distanced way. If you wish to participate in the virtual programming, please make sure to fill out the form below. Click here for a tentative schedule: 40 Days of Summer 2020 Schedule

Registration is not required, but to be added to our mailing list for updates and more information, please fill out the form below, call us at (207) 354-2453, or email us at During pick up, we request that folks remember to socially distance as much as possible and to consider wearing masks while picking up meals and projects. 

While we will miss our usual in-person rowdy playground games and fascinating presentations by community members, we are excited to continue the program in our new normal and are looking forward to finding innovative ways to engage with our community’s kids! Questions? Concerns? Please feel free to contact the library at any time.


40 Days of Summer 2020 Tentative Schedule

  • Wednesday, July 1: Slime
  • Thursday, July 2: Streamer Wands
  • Friday, July 3: Scavenger Hunt: Instructions
  • Monday, July 6: Make-Your-Own Birdfeeder
  • Tuesday, July 7: Origami
  • Wednesday, July 8: Marshmallow Catapults
  • Thursday, July 9: Assorted Crafts
  • Friday, July 10: Make-Your-Own Binary Code Bracelets & Rubber Band Bracelets
  • July 13: Paper Airplanes
  • July 14: Paper Towel Rockets & Butterflies
  • July 15: pH Indicator Project
  • July 16: Plant Sunflowers!
  • July 17: Handwashing & Bread Mold Experiment
  • July 20: Food Preservation Experiment
  • July 21: Wax Rubbing
  • July 22: Popsicle Stick Picture Frame
  • July 23: Grow Your Own Rock Crystals
  • July 24: Chalk Games
  • July 27: Watercolors
  • July 28: Windcatchers
  • July 29: Make-Your-Own Journal
  • July 30: Duct Tape Crafts
  • July 31: Make-Your-Own Bookmarks
  • August 3: Make-Your-Own Stickers
  • August 4: Compass
  • August 5: Egg Drop Experiment
  • August 6: Magnets
  • August 7: Hand Fan
  • August 10: Homemade Play-Doh
  • August 11: Stress Balls
  • August 12: Newspaper Rose
  • August 13: Make Your Own Wind Speed Anemometer
  • August 14: Magnet Fishing
  • August 17: Crossword Puzzles
  • August 18: Toothpick House
  • August 19: Kaleidoscope
  • August 20: Tinfoil Boat
  • August 21: Window Art
  • August 24: Dragon Puppets!
  • August 25: Nature Bingo
  • August 26: Space-Themed Paper Plate Crafts
  • August 27: Rock Pet
  • August 28: Mystery Bag Projects