Kindles -


The Thomaston Public Library is pleased to offer 12 Kindles to our patrons. These devices were generously gifted by the Friends of Thomaston Public Library and are chock full of a variety of interesting reads.


We maintain a list of the books that are currently available on the Kindles and are always adding more. If there is a particular book you would like to read on one of these Kindles, please make a suggestion to the librarian or someone at the Circulation Desk.


In order to check out one of these devices we ask you read and sign a form stating that you understand you are fully responsible for the device while it is in your possession.


Kindles may be borrowed for the same length of time that a print book is, currently three weeks. Each Kindle renewal must be done in person



Kindle book list

Availability of all digital titles varies from Kindle to Kindle, please ask your librarian to make sure the title you want is available on the Kindle you are borrowing.