The Thomaston Public Library, currently housed at 60 Main Street had its beginnings in 1834 as the Thomaston Ladies Literary Association where women over the age of 18 were allowed to lend books. It continued to move forward as an association until the town was approached to form a public library with an appropriation of $300 in 1859. Because of an “unwise” marriage to a man unliked by her brother, Jennie Fuller forfeited her claim to his legacy of about $13560 and the monies from George Fuller became seed money for the Thomaston Public Library in 1898. By 1930 there had been numerous generous bequests and donations of materials and the “powers that be” lowered the minimum age for borrowing a book to 9 years old! In 1986 the library was moved from the Levensaler Block to its current location in the Academy Building at 60 Main Street and in 1998 celebrated its 100th anniversary from March 1998 to March 1999. In 2007 a revived Friends of the Library group was formed with a mission to support the library both with volunteer service, events and financial aid.* Generous grants, especially from Maine author Stephen King, have allowed renovations to the main library room creating an appealing “living room” ambiance that boasts displays by local citizens and Maine artists and authors. It is the comfortable venue for programming including readings by authors and poets, community interest presentations and as a place to sink into a comfortable chair and read the local newspapers. The children’s room has a plethora materials including books, puzzles, games and a space for arts activities. The installation of heat pumps in 2013 have created a favorable temperature for our community gathering place year round. Computers and wireless internet were added to the library in the 2000’s and there are now available numerous audio books, videos and kindles as well as over 24,260 volumes of print. *much of this historical information was gleaned from the work of Alice Dashiell