Intergenerational Book Club

Final 2014 Selection and All of 2015's Selections

Please join us every month on the third Tuesday or whenever a title, a writer, or a genre interests you. The book club is open to all: male or female; young or young-at-heart; local resident, mid-coast neighbor, or visitor from anywhere. Meetings are held at the library at 2:30 PM. Readers are responsible for buying or borrowing their own books.

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  • Previous IGBC & Bookwomen Unite! Books
  • January's Selection:
    Norwegian by Night, the 20th at 2:30 PM

    Derek Miller's affecting debut, about a cantankerous Jewish widower transplanted to Norway who becomes party to a hate crime, is an unusual hybrid: part memory novel, part police procedural, part sociopolitical tract, and part existential meditation.

    Native New Yorker Sheldon "Donny" Horowitz, 82, is a retired watch repairman living in Oslo with his granddaughter Rhea, an architect, and her new Norwegian husband, Lars. She thinks her grandfather is slipping into dementia. Haunted by his experiences as a Marine sniper in the Korean War and by his son Saul's death in Vietnam, Sheldon sometimes has trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality. He thinks the Koreans are still after him. But he is more strong-willed, decisive and wily than his granddaughter thinks. When a stranger murders the immigrant woman who lives upstairs, Sheldon shelters and then escapes with her young son, fearing the boy is in danger, too. On the run with the boy, who doesn't speak English, the old man deftly talks his way into a pricey Oslo hotel, gives the boy a makeover to disguise him, steals a boat and heads to Rhea's summer home.

    In close pursuit are the killer, an Albanian war criminal whose rape of the woman led to the birth of her son, and tough-minded Chief Inspector Sigrid Odegard, a staunch opponent of her country's open-door policy. Sheldon, who has never forgiven himself for encouraging his son to go to war like him, boasts an abrasive wit. And Miller, an American living in Oslo (he directs The Policy Lab, an international research group), makes the setting a powerful character as well. Hovering over the narrative is Norway's roundup of its Jewish population during the Nazi occupation -- for which, the author points out, the nation didn't formally apologize until 2012.

    This novel, first published in Norway, was worth the wait.

    Mystery Book Club

    Selections through October 2015

    The Mystery Book Club meets at 7:00 p.m at varying locations. At each meeting we will discuss one of the following authors, not one specific book, so please select one or more titles by that month's author to read prior to the meeting. For more information or for any meeting's location, please contact Nancy Carter at 354-0410 or

    • January 28: Jo Nesbo - Jo Nesbo
      Set in international settings, featuring Oslo Crime Squad Inspector Harry Hole
    • February 25: Benjamin Black - Benjamin Black
      Set in 1950s Dublin, featuring pathologist Quirke Griffin
    • March 25: Paul Doiron - Paul Doiron
      Maine setting, featuring game warden Mike Bowditch
    • April 22: Steve Hamilton - Steve Hamilton
      Set in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (U.P.), featuring former cop Alex McKnight
    • May 27: Ann Cleeves - Ann Cleeves
      1) Set in London, featuring DI Vera Stanhope; 2) set in Northumberland, featuring Inspector Stephen Ramsey, and 3) set on the Shetland Islands, featuring DI Jimmy Perez
    • June 24: Priscilla Royal - Priscilla Royal
      Set in medieval Britain, featuring Prioress Eleanor of Tyndal
    • July 22: James W. Hall - James W. Hall
      Set in the Florida Keys, featuring troubled renegade Thorn
    • August 26: Michael Nethercott - Michael Nethercott
      Set in 1950s-era Greenwich Village and Connecticut, featuring Mr. O’Nelligan and Lee Plunkett
    • September 23: Hazel Holt - Hazel Holt
      Set in Devon, England, featuring literary critic Sheila Malory
    • October 28: Loren Nestleman - Loren Nestleman
      Set in the Detroit area, featuring private detective Amos Walker